Our Artists

Studio 2 Art & Design’s in-house artists professional talented artists who are highly versatile, allowing us to offer a wide spectrum of art, paintings and decorative items.

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Emily Portsmouth

I am a British born decorative painter living in Southern Spain for the past 25 years. I specialize in textured decorative wall art utilising Venetian stucco plaster and metallic leaf to create depth. My preferred style of painting is abstract, although I easily adopt different styles and techniques to suit individual designs.

Ayla Bernice Pirozzo

My name is Ayla Bernice Pirozzo. Since I was a young child I have been painting together with my mum. I work with all forms of media though I mainly use acrylic, oil and charcoal. I don´t stick to one particular style and I love to try many things, from abstracts to portraits.

Pepi Piña

Hello, I’m Pepi Piña and I’m 52 years old. I’ve always liked everything to do with craft, everything handmade.

I have been a decorative painter for 24 years and for the last 4 years or so I have started to paint canvases, plates, etc. My style is more abstract and I usually paint with acrylics and watercolours. These are the two techniques I like the most, although I don’t rule out trying new things.